The Upper Arlington Commission on Aging serves as the informed voice empowering, educating and enriching the lives of Upper Arlington residents as we age.
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 Our Services

The Upper Arlington Commission on Aging provides many services at low or no cost to older adults and their caregivers. 


The File of Life is a health information system that allows emergency personnel to respond more effectively when called to a resident’s home. The kit contains a medical data form which is inserted into a magnetized pouch and hung on your refrigerator.  Stop by the Senior Center to pick one up or contact the UA Commission on Aging to receive one by mail.  The File of Life is made possible through a grant from the Upper Arlington Community Foundation and the Upper Arlington Rotary Club.


The “Friendly Phone Line Program” was established by the UA Commission on Aging to help alleviate loneliness and isolation caused in part, by social distancing.  

Staffed by volunteers from the Upper Arlington community and OSU College of Social Work, the program is available to older adult residents in Upper Arlington who are looking for friendly conversation and social connection.  These calls are not intended to be a space to provide counseling, case management, or health information/recommendations.

Volunteers are required to complete an application, submit to a background check and attend trainings in mental health.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from receiving a friendly phone call, or if you would like to be volunteer caller, please contact us at (614) 583-5326.


“I Am Fine” is a computerized telephone
check-in program that is customizable to meet your needs.  This service is suitable for both active seniors and those who live independently in their own homes.

This program is available to all UA residents as a free service of the UA Commission on Aging.  Call us at (614) 583-5326 for questions or to enroll in the program.


Knox Box is a mini, lockable steel vault that provides firefighters and paramedics access to keys for entry to a residence or business in an emergency. Only the UA Fire Division can access boxes in Upper Arlington. The vault is installed by the resident or business owner on the structure’s exterior near the entry. In an emergency, the dispatcher tells first responders if a Knox-Box is onsite for easy building access, without forcing a door or damaging the building.

all (614) 583-5100 if you wish to purchase a Knox Box or would like more information.


Our OSHIIP trained volunteers can assist you with evaluating prescription drug plans, supplemental insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans.  This can be done in person, over the phone or by virtual online communication (Zoom).


Our OSHIIP trained volunteers present updated material to help you choose the best option for your healthcare.  Typically offered 1-2 times a year.


This valuable reference features information on programs and services helpful to seniors in and around the Upper Arlington community.  Copies are mailed out to every household every two years and are available in limited supply at the UA Senior Center, Municipal Services Center and UA Public Library.  You can also access it online by clicking here.


Senior Service Days is a program where volunteers of all ages help our older residents with yard work and light maintenance projects.  This is a perfect community service project for churches, civic organizations, book clubs, and families!

To request assistance, or to volunteer, contact us at (614) 583-5326 or



Snow Angels is a volunteer-based program available to assist elderly residents with snow removal. Those residents who would like to volunteer or those looking for assistance can register for the Snow Angels Hotline by calling (614) 583-5123.